Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Been Two Years -- Can You Believe It?

Greetings, friends! Did you know you can watch all of season one's sketches in the same place? They're short and easily digestible. The beginning of October will be two years since we premiered that first season. Can you believe it?

Click here to watch all of season one, or give your eyes some exercise and look at the top of this page -- there's a tab for it as well!

Angie and Nicky in Black Scrapbook, our most viewed sketch.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cat-Huffing: It's a Thing

Some of you know most of Angie's writing and overall creative work is about cats. Last year on Catster, she wrote about something called "cat-huffing." It was a tongue-in-cheek piece, but we're here to tell you that CAT-HUFFING IS REAL!! In fact, Angie considers herself a bit of an expert.

With that in mind, our next 82 South St video is called "Cat-Huffing Techniques." We hope you enjoy it, and remember to huff responsibly.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Video Coming and Third Party Excitement!

Note from Angie:

Hi, friends! We want you to know we're still here, and working on some solo projects. I hope to have something for you by next week. Yes, it's cat-related -- need you even ask? You probably didn't ask at all, but I told you anyway, so now you have some top-secret information.

Also, my husband John is starting to help us with our social media and promotion. Nicky and I finally decided it would be better to have a third party do it. John is the third party. Doesn't that sound really professional? It's a good thing he works cheap.

Anyhoo -- be on the lookout for more activity on our blog and social media!

Here's a 20-year-old photo of Nicky and I posing with our "third party." I'm pretty sure we were at a party. It could have been our third party that night.

Monday, August 18, 2014

We're Back, and Ready to Throw Stuff Up For You!

It's been awhile, but we're back! Due to a host of circumstances, we decided not to get together and film a Season #3 this summer. We're not finished collaborating -- not at all -- we just won't look at a series of videos created by both of us until sometime next year.

Fret not, friends! We are still feeling highly creative and need an outlet for some of our pent-up silliness. Thus, we've decided to work on a few solo projects and throw them up here for you to enjoy. We know how much you love our throw-up.

Nicky kicked out the absurdity with a response to the "Hot Crazy Matrix" video created by a guy who thinks he knows how women's minds work when looking for a man. You kind of have to watch the original first to totally get it (here it is), although her performance alone is worth watching at least a few times.

Stay tuned for more, enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen. We don't want anybody getting heat stroke.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Check Out 82 South St's YouTube Channel!

We've been busy prettying up our YouTube channel, making it easier to navigate. Nicky created a fabulous one-minute trailer showcasing bits and pieces from from our first season, and she made basically to give people a snapshot image of what we're about.

Take a peek at the trailer!

Oh, and Angie's daughter designed and created an adorable banner image for our YouTube channel. You like?

Click here to pop over to the channel and take a look! And we'd love you to share it with friends!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Watch All of Season #2!

Season #2, Fowl Play Chicken Daycare is now available for viewing all in one place! That's right!

Click here to watch Enid and Maxine's shenanigans, and you can always come back and click on the Season #2 link on the right sidebar if you'd like to watch it again ... because you will.

Thanks again for indulging our ridiculous whims -- you are the best! And guess what? We are already in talks for a very special Season #3! That's right, folks ... we're not going anywhere.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fowl Play Chicken Daycare Episode 5 Has Just Hatched!

It's here!! That's right, episode 5 of Fowl Play Chicken Daycare has just hatched! After a failed inspection, the whole town comes together to help save the daycare. And the mystery that was caught on the security cam? The suspect is confronted!

Don't forget to stop back next week for the finale!